If Everybody Voted…

It is tragic to me how many people take our democracy for granted. They just can’t be bothered to, once every couple of years, take an hour out of their time to vote. Presently, an extreme minority has a strangle hold on our country because of this complacency about voting. We must all realize that a democracy takes work, we can’t take it for granted.

There is one silver lining to this topic and that is that when polled the majority of us still have compassion and common sense. If only we all voted, we could quickly eliminate the biggest threat to our democracy in my lifetime. We must make sure that the extreme narcissist/wannabe dictator and his brainless followers are utterly denounced at the polls. That is the only way we can drive his fanatical followers into the background of life where they belong.

I’m not saying that we have the perfect choices for who will control our country, but we do have a critical choice between a sustained democracy or a failed one. It is really that important!

It’s up to you

In about four weeks we will have an election that will determine who controls the future of our country. If those who usually sit on the sidelines don’t vote you might be surprised just how quickly anarchy happen.

3 thoughts on “If Everybody Voted…

  1. We have our absentee ballots already and will turn them in soon. It’s amazing to me how many people aren’t paying attention to what is going on, or are so detached from it they just don’t seem to care. It does take some effort to wade through the B.S., but if more people voted, we’d have less to wade through IMO. What really frightens me right now are the voting rights cases in front of an ultraconservative SCOTUS. YIKES.


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