My Biggest Fear – Boredom

I must admit that there are a few others on my “biggest fear” list, but the most pressing one lately is boredom. I simply must have something to challenge me from day-to-day. I must have a reason to exist. I see so many in my RetCom (retirement community) who are just living day-to-day, and it scares me that I will join them in just waiting for God to take me home.

In the past year, I have looked and done several things to help keep boredom at bay. Of course, RJsCorner is a big part of that. I am still deeply in the process to make this site meaningful to me and I hope to you as well. Learning new things every day and sharing them with you, is one of the reasons I still jump out of bed to face each day. Thank you for your views.

No, my brain hasn’t yet requested a transplant, but it could happen any day now if I don’t keep it occupied. 😎

6 thoughts on “My Biggest Fear – Boredom

  1. I can’t see you letting yourself be bored. There are too many interesting things to do, aren’t there? I want to take time again soon to utilize Google Earth to “walk” through the university town in Spain where I studied one summer. Salamanca’s town square is beautiful and was featured in a movie. Its university was founded in 1218.


    1. A virtual walk through a Spanish University sound wonderful, Linda. I didn’t realize that you were so worldly. 🙃. I have never traveled outside the western hemisphere, but has always dreamed of doing that. Maybe I should put that on my bucket list, as my bucket is now empty. But, the deaf and language barriers might just be too much for me. Let me hear more of your life stories in coming post comments.


      1. I am the least worldly person, but after I was diagnosed with at 40 with the cancer that took Mom’s life on her 45th birthday, I decided it was time to finish bucket list items. First up was my degree, postponed when I put my husband through law school and then through our many moves. I’d been a physics major and had three years’ credits behind me, but had already sold the first two of my YA novels. I switched to an English major with a minor in Spanish. Hence the summer in Spain, for which I was equal parts exhilarated and guilty. My girls were ten and fifteen and had just experienced me having cancer. I hated to leave them for those weeks but my husband decided to take them to Mexico for a week of that time. When they were eighteen and twenty three, the eldest married, we all went to Spain again as a family.


  2. I can’t stand to be bored either. Keeping busy seems to be a lifelong habit that I can’t break — even if I want to. I spent a couple hours the other afternoon watching a mindless streaming show and it felt really odd. MIddle of the day and not productive. Probably from lifelong training from being the oldest child. LOL.


    1. I’m like you, Laurel in that I think any day that I have not accomplished something satisfying, is a day wasted. A typical day for me is 1) wake up and check the internet to see if the world ended. 2) if not then go through my Feedly sites to see what my blogging buddies are up to. 3) Shit, shower, shave. Some of my best thoughts occur in the shower 😎 4) Spend the morning writing, researching, and putting posts in the RJC queue. 5) Spend the afternoon on various computer stuff including graphics design, photo organization, reading (I read at least an hour a day). 6) Take an afternoon nap and my usual 1.5 mile cardio-walk. 7) allow myself a couple of hours in the evening on TV, picture puzzles, building stuff. Of course, eating is thrown in where appropriate. Some people say a bedtime prayer, but I spend a couple of minutes every day thinking if I made the most of the day. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.


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