Introducing 801 Words – A New Project

For the last month or so I have been trying to figure out a way to change the fabric of RJsCorner. I’m sure you have also seen it but more and more of my posts lately have been about my malaise about my future. I’m definitely tiring of the “Poor Me” syndrome, so there will be much less of that. I want to give you a more pleasant reason for coming here.

To partially accomplish that, I have come up with an “801 Words” special project that will focus more on life’s learning experiences. It will also include my love of telling stories and photography. Almost all of my posts here at RJsCorner are “500 words or less”. As the title of this series indicates, I am giving myself a little more leeway in this category. This new project has two basic themes. One is to use quotes from those much wiser than us to teach us what is important in life. This will replace my “Philosophy of Life” series which concentrated only on philosophers, as it will allow a broader spectrum of quotes.

Another part of 801Words is to give you a picture and to tell you a story about it. I hope many of those stories are heartening and maybe worth a laugh or two. They will mostly be about times when I, or others, learned some valuable life lessons about love, happiness, joy, fulfillment, and other such things. I’m not really sure right now just how long this series will run, but I am hoping it will be a permanent thing here at RJsCorner.

If you haven’t noticed, I am no longer posting daily. Instead, it will be two to three times a week. At least one of those times each week will likely be about 801 Words. I hope you enjoy the series. I think you, like me, love learning new things and this series will most certainly take us there.

Another thing that will change is that I will be spending more time on “Life Outside The Box” thoughts. These stories will help you to think beyond the Herd Mentality. Of course, a strong part of that will be to think for yourself.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas about this new project.

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