The Thing About Conformity

John P. Weiss is one of my regular blog visits each week. I am envious of his sketching talents, and reading his stories help me to be a better writer. If you want to see one of his posts click HERE.

Vincent Van Gough is one of my favorite artists. His paintings speak to me on a level that few others do. As Vincent did, I have always considered myself to be misunderstood by almost everyone around me.

Getting back to John P. Weiss, perhaps the best way to show you what draws me to his writing is to give you some words from this post entitled “Don’t let conformism stifle your individuality“:

If you truly want to stand out, you have to leverage and hone your uniqueness. And uniqueness is found in your quirks, your particular aesthetic vision, your unorthodox approach, your talents, etc.
Honing your uniqueness requires effort.
You can dress to shock or act weird for attention, but you’ll only be a novelty. The goal should be to nurture and develop your uniqueness into something worthwhile, elegant, and of value.
John P. Weiss

I don’t give a shout-out very often, but John P. Weiss deserves one. Add him to your Feedly, or whatever you use to track where you visit.

I love the quote above. Don’t almost all of us want to be seen as someone who produces things that are worthwhile, elegant, and of value to humanity?

I certainly know that for me that is true. I hope that I add at least an iota of value to humanity while I am here.

One thought on “The Thing About Conformity

  1. I’ve been reading John’s works for several years. I am glad that he is returning his roots and writing more from the heart again versus the commercial stuff he was getting into for a while. His and your posts are ones that I make a point to read when they come out. I may not comment very often, but I read and enjoy what you write as well.


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