Senior Citizens & Technology

I love this quote 😎. I am a techie and a senior citizen, so I just can’t understand why so many in my RetCom are so averse to technology? But, then again, one of the RetComs I visited this summer had 75% of the residents choosing to receive their daily information via smartphone, tablet, or computer. I think it comes down to just convincing seniors that they can do it. Maybe not as well as their grandkids, but they can do it.

But, then again, Chuck Lorre was the guy who gave us the TV show Roseanne, so what does he know.

6 thoughts on “Senior Citizens & Technology

  1. My 90 yo mom uses an iPad and an iPhone. But she did tell me when she was still trying to organize class reunions 10 or so years back, most of her classmates weren’t even online. So much of life is lost without technology, but maybe most of them don’t care. I’d die of FOMO. 🤣

    Her late husband wasn’t put off by technology either. After he passed, she found two new looking phones (still in boxes) — one a pretty new iPhone. Apparently when he bought a phone, if he didn’t like it after a week or so, he’d put it in a drawer and buy another. Once because the new model didn’t fit in the pocket he liked to keep it in. LOL.


    1. Thanks for the thoughts, Laurel. Yeah, like so many other areas it is not an either/or. There are many who shun technology but also many who don’t. I got a pretty good pension for my 30 years in technology, and I am certainly grateful for that. I replace all my Apple gear on about a three generation cycle, and no, I don’t leave them in the box. 🥴 But, I did replace my standard iPad with a mini version this time as it fits in my cargo pants side pocket better.

      FOMO is a new one for me, so I had to look it up. I have always been a leading-edge type guy so “missing out” was never a problem for me.

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      1. Oh, I can understand that. But I’m guessing you didn’t buy the mini a week after you bought the standard size. Or maybe you did. 🤣


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