Calling All Storytellers & Wannabe Storytellers

For this coming new year I will be opening up a new blogsite centered around seniors telling stories of their lives. If you are interested in contributing, leave a comment here or contact me at

This new blog will be entitled 1001 Words – Stories About Life From Storytellers Over 70. As the name implies, it will be stories about our lives and will be limited to no more than 1001 words. The posts are not intended to be an autobiography, but instead, just a story in your life that might, among other things, be entertaining and maybe even help others on their path in life. Other than that it will be open-ended. To start out, The Storymaster (which is me), will decide if something is appropriate for the site, and when it will be posted. 🙃 One other thing I am considering, but it is not set in stone yet, it that the minimum age for contributors is 70-years-old.

If you decide to be a contributor, you can use your real name or a pen name. Whichever strikes your fancy. I don’t have a guess as to how many contributors will eventually join “1001 Words”, but I’m confident that after the usual initiation period, 1001 Words will become a popular site, and an entertaining place for people to visit.

Of course, I will be one of those storytellers, and I think there will be others from my RetCom (retirement community) and other RetComs from around the country and even the world. I know I have several regular viewers from England, Australia, and New Zealand. I hope some of them will join this new endeavor.

I have heard so many stories from many of my viewers, you know who you are, who deserve a place in this storyteller kingdom. I hope you all consider joining 1001 Words.

I plan to roll out the site on January 1, 2023, so a lot needs to be done before that. I am working hard to come up with the best structure and format to make the site a resounding success, but can always use your ideas even in that too.

3 thoughts on “Calling All Storytellers & Wannabe Storytellers

  1. This is a powerful idea. Too many important stories of someone besting a serious challenge, learning an important lesson, or simply sharing a story on how the author found joy, get lost over time.


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