Amazon Works Because…

I am a retired IT (information technology) guy, so I can tell you that the primary reason that Amazon has been able to gobble up market share in every field it enters is because of its phenomenal computer infrastructure/database. I was one of those fortunate enough to have bought some shares of the company more ten years ago. I wish I had bought more. 🥴.

Amazon’s business structure was a paradigm shift from what other start-ups at the time were doing. Jeff Bezos told future stockholders that he was always looking at the long term, short-term profits just didn’t matter to him. While most start-ups are a slave to the whims of Wall Street, he announced that sporadic gains or losses just didn’t matter. Early on, when he was only selling books on-line I could tell that he was a shaker and innovator.

Most people don’t realize that a big percentage of the Amazon’s income comes from its computer services. Bezos did to on-line business what Sergey Brin (Google) did to searching the Internet. Both moved those markets at breakneck speeds via a paradigm shift in their respected technologies. Those pre-Amazon days when there were large “shipping and handling” costs and 7 -10 business day deliveries are gone forever.

Another one of those shakers is Elon Musk. He started out at a young age inventing PayPal, then quickly sold that and moved on to Tesla. He is now knee-deep into internet access for everyone in the world via low earth satellites. As a person, he is far from perfect. In fact, I think he blew it with Twitter. Twitter was just a side-line thing for him to pay a few billion bucks without really researching the possible outcomes. None of us are perfect, are we? 🤪

The one thing these three guys teach us is that in the future we will see change more rapidly than the past. I really think that because of the paradigm shifts that are on the horizon we will see a cure for cancer and probably many other accomplishments in healthcare areas within a decade or so. These rapidly changing times will be very exciting for some and very terrifying for others. The very fabric of society will be tested like no other time in the world’s history. I hope that those who seem to fear everything are up to it?

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