Email Scams … I Wish They Had

Let’s do a techie post today about email scams. I, personally, use Apple Mail as my email app, and it does a pretty good job of putting junk mail into a separate basket. But, sometimes a few get through.

Here is one way to find out if an email is legit. As you see in the example above, ERC Gov Refund Instruction is supposedly where this mail came from. But if you click on the little carrot to the right of that label, the true source is shown. For this particular email, it is actually from I don’t know what the scammer hoped the email would provide as I never responded to it, but I’m sure it was to get me to depart with some critical information or maybe some money.

I have looked at the “setting” area in the mail app to see if I could default to the actual address instead of what the author labels it, but could not find a way to automatically do that.

If you use Apple Mail always use this trick before you open any suspicious sources. Your money and your personal info will certainly appreciate it.

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