I Am A Disruptor, But…

Something I pride myself in is being a disruptor. The status quo bores me! Usually, in today’s world, by the time something becomes the status quo it is no longer relevant and is in serious need of change.

An important part of life is to realize that change is constant. There’s nothing you can do to prevent that. Sure, you can stick your head in a rabbit hole and pretend that the world outside doesn’t exist anymore. That seems to be a popular option right now. The MAGA folks come to mind as perhaps the best example.

But then there are the rest of us. We like to keep an open mind about the world around us. We are open to viewpoints that might initially be foreign to us. That is how we grow. We throw away antiquated things and take hold of fresh ideas.

I am a disruptor but not an uninhibited disruptor.

  • I don’t say things that I know are untrue.
  • I try to treat everyone with respect, even if they don’t respect me.
  • I don’t say or do things simply to pump up my ego.
  • I disrupt only when disruption is necessary

The best example right now of an uninhibited disruptor is probably Elon Musk. He has disrupted industry after industry to improve things, but he also says and does things that are unnecessarily hurtful to others. I think he just gets bored sometimes and just disrupts for the sake of disruption. Maybe, because he is an Aspie, he disrupts and doesn’t really understand how his actions hurt others.

But I kinda think that with Twitter, he is just out of his element. If he is an Aspie as he claims, he likely doesn’t understand social type things that are needed for that business. Since Twitter is near the top of the pile of social media, it seems destined to failure if he stays as the CEO. The smartest thing he could do right now is to find accomplished people in this field and turn the business over to them and walk away. I see he has recently said he would do that. But he, like most very successful people, has developed a huge ego, so walking away would be like admitting failure.

Musk found success on the leading edge of the technological revolution. Twitter is just not in that sphere. In fact, it will likely be gone by the end of this decade, and replaced by the next big thing. Nothing lasts forever, or even a decade in recent times.

If Elon is up to any advice, and I’m sure he isn’t, Just walk away from your albatross. After all, $44 billion is just a drop in the bucket to you. And this boondoggle just may destroy your rep in the areas you ARE successful in.

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