I’m An Artist, I Paint With Words

Painting with words

All my life, I have always been envious of people who could take up a brush or pencil and create things from their minds. I tried that some in my youth, but never really got to a level that didn’t embarrass me. I tried it recently with the same result. Drawing and painting is just something that isn’t in my talent base. But, that got me to thinking that I am an artist, but I paint with words instead of sketching pencil or paint.

I think I should be proud of the 5,000+ posts I have put out here on RJsCorner. Some of them got through that were below my standards, but, for the most part, I am proud of all my posts. I recently discovered that I have written more commentary than my literary hero Will Rogers. But, his words were viewed by millions every week and mine are only seen by hundreds, but that’s ok. Maybe someone will find my words and make them famous after my death. One of my heroes, Vincent Van Gogh, barely scratched out a living as an artist while he was alive, but now his painting are worth millions. Perhaps I will follow him. 😎 But, then again, who would reap the benefits of all that posthumous wealth?

Regardless of my wealth, or the lack thereof, a big part of my life has been about writing my view of the world here at RJsCorner. I know I don’t have a huge following, but I do appreciate all those who visit my corner for at least a little while. I hope my words have helped some in their lives to at least understand that you are not in this alone.

I write about my depression, my deafness, my Aspie traits, and other challenges in life, to show others they are not alone in this world.

I love painting with words and showing others that they are not alone in this world

That’s kinda the meaning of my life right now…

4 thoughts on “I’m An Artist, I Paint With Words

  1. Hi RJ – you may not reach thousands but fir those you do reach you are appreciated. Like the story of the little boy sarong the starfish, you made a difference for that one . 😊


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