Yvonne’s Song

I can’t even imagine why, but yesterday early morning I woke up with Willie Nelson’s song “Of All The Girls I’ve Loved Before” stuck in my thoughts. I would wake up a dozen times between 3am and 7am and the song was still there. But I had managed to change the words to show my love for my wife of 35 years.

I worked on these lyrics all day yesterday, and I think they are now ready for you to see. I don’t know how many times I broke down sobbing while I was writing them. Last year, on her birthday, I simply lost it for much of the day. So, writing down a poem is progress, and maybe make today a little easier.

So, without further ado, I give you Yvonne’s Song on what would have been her 83rd birthday today. If you remember Willie’s song, just imagine I am singing it here. 🎶

Happy Birthday, Dear

2 thoughts on “Yvonne’s Song

  1. You’ve used this sad anniversary to reaffirm what Yvonne meant to you. Many and probably most of us want to know we mattered or made a difference. Yvonne clearly did.


    1. Thank you, Linda.

      This was my first serious attempt at poetry. The subject of the post just seemed to necessitate this format. I think I will try it on some other subjects here at RJsCorner. My posts are generally 500 words or less, and condensing them down to a poetic form is challenging, but a fruitful thing.


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