A Picture Is A Poem Without Words

— Horace

I have tried numerous attempts to bring up photo/art posts here on RJsCorner. Most of those attempts have not proved as successful as I would like. So, here we go again. I think this one has a fair chance of being THE One.

It might seem weird to add a new category here at RJsCorner based on a guy who was born on 8 December 65 BC, but then again, since I am a pretty weird guy, maybe it isn’t? Horace has recently become one of my new heroes in life. As Wikipedia taught me Horace is regarded as the world’s first autobiographer. In his writings, he tells us far more about himself, his character, his development, and his way of life, than any of the great poet of antiquity. Some day I will likely give you more details about Horace, but this is enough for now. He is my new study subject for the coming weeks.

When I started out RJsCorner, I had no idea that it would basically turn out to be, similar to Horace, as an autobiography of sorts. It started out as a place to talk about religions and the Christian Bible. It has morphed several times since those days in 2008. In December 2016, I vowed to take politics off the table as it had gotten so ugly that it was destroying my happiness. I seemed to naturally migrate to lessons in life, particularly my life.

Being a deaf Aspie, I have many unique stories and adversities I have talked about. I will continue these types of autobiographical, lessons-learned type posts, but I kind of think it is now time to try another attempt to branch out some more visual areas.

A Picture Is A Poem Without Words

Going forward, I have decided to add a visual approach to how I view the world. I have a very expansive library of photos that I have taken over the last forty years. I also recently discovered a fantastic app that turns pictures into various forms of art. I am particularly attuned to impressionism. 🎨

So, I am going to use Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to show you some of my portfolio of photographs I have taken over the years. I need lists for everything, so Tuesdays will be dedicated to nature and homestead pictures. Thursday will present you with some of the many historical sites I have visited. Saturday will be everything else. I don’t promise to post every one of these days, but I will try to do at least one or two each week.

These posts will be long on visual and short on words, so you can view them in under a minute. I’m sure I will certainly have fun doing them. If you want to see them as a group, just click on the “A Picture Is” category under the “Daily Journal” list at the top of each post.

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