Don’t Judge

I have often proclaimed that I am a writer, but why do I write? I think all writers often ask this question many times over the years. I like to remind myself of the reasons regularly. This is one of those times. I believe the primary reason I write, at least publicly, is to help people who may read my words, understand that they are not alone in their struggles in life. They are not alone when so many others just don’t understand their struggles.

This blog started out in 2008, trying to find just how closely current day churches actually uphold the words that came out of Jesus’ mouth as their fundamental purpose. After a four-year study, I was totally dumbfounded to see that practically no church organizations did a very good job of presenting the teachings of Jesus as the foundation of their church. Most just seemed to take a verse or two out of the biblical text that suited them, and then fashioned a god to back up that single purpose. I thought I was alone in these beliefs until I heard from others who believed as I came to believe. I discovered that Thomas Jefferson, and Leo Tolstoy even went about creating their own versions of the bible and centered almost exclusively on the words of Jesus.

Several times in my life, I thought I was the only one to have my particular tribulations in life. One of the most memorable times was when, after fighting hearing loss for two decades, I lost the last shred of hearing. My doctor who I went to throughout this losing battle said, “There is nothing more I can do for you, so goodbye.” It felt like I was in the middle of the ocean and was suddenly put in a row boat that was void of even oars. I didn’t know whom to turn to, and without the internet, finding someone to help me was, to say the least, difficult.

Another time was when I discovered that all the traits that kept me apart from those around me, had a name. I was in my sixties before I realized I was not alone in constantly trying to fit into the social world around me. I continue to struggle almost daily here in my RetCom life in that regard. I have come to the conclusion that I will never resolve most of these issues, so maybe it is just better to not even struggle with them and just go for the most part LOMO (life on my own). I have always enjoyed my own company, so why even bother, especially at this stage in my life, to try to fit in with the crowd. Just go LOMO.

These two examples, along with some others, told me that I have to write about these adversities so that others might discover they are not alone if they also have them. Not everyone has my particular issues in life, but shown in the saying below, I have come to realize that all of us have our own problems

Be Kind, For Everyone You Meet Is Fighting A Battle You Know Nothing About.

BTW… One of my favorite Facebook sites is shown here and in the graphic above. Check them out if you want to get inspired regularly.

One thought on “Don’t Judge

  1. I love the expression about others fighting a battle we may know nothing about. Accepting that simple revelation could eliminate so much of the prejudgment everyone has to face at some point in their lives.

    It reminds me of the song, “Walk a mile in my shoes.” Pause and accept that each of us has our own struggles and we are dealing with them as best we can.


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