Back Home Again…

My North Carolina vacation was cut a little short, but I am gladly back home again. I think my mind is finally wrapped around the idea that I am not 40-years-old, but instead, nearly twice that age. My back just couldn’t take any more of our pothole filled roads anymore. I’m ok, but I am going to take another week off to fill my post queue, and to revitalize my 77-year-old body. 🙃

I have several interesting pictures and stories to share with you about the trip. Just because I was on vacation doesn’t mean that my brain shut down, so I have numerous scraps of paper with thoughts to flesh out. But, I am going to leave you with one enchanting picture that I took just outside the New Bern, North Carolina visitor’s center. This one was not “enhanced” in any way. If anyone can tell me what this bush is, I would appreciate it.

6 thoughts on “Back Home Again…

  1. We have hollies here too, but I have never seen one like the picture above. I suspect all that bright colors fade as it matures. One of the things I don’t like about all these digital photo apps around now are how they can manipulate a picture into something they aren’t.


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