About War & Other Such Things

This post is a teaser for a new, or at least updated, special series coming to RJsCorner soon about the Quaker version of Christianity. I must admit that I am pro-life in all regards. The Quaker belief that “There is God in everyone” very much aligns with the spiritual part of my life. I studied Quakers more than a dozen years ago here on RJsCorner, and will resurrect some of those posts in the new series.

For this special series, I will be interweaving some of my archive posts along with some original ones. Much of what you will see in this series will be inspired by Philip Gulley. Over the years, he has been critical to my spiritual evolution.

If you want to chime in with any thoughts about this, please do so. If you too are fascinated by the topic, I would welcome you to write a guest post in the series.

One thought on “About War & Other Such Things

  1. I’ll be interested in your perspective of what Quakerism means to you. One of the beautiful aspects of the tradition is the huge range of understandings of what we are all about – Ask for Quakers and you’ll receive six different answers. It’s also one of the most confusing aspects to non-Quakers 🙂


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