One Thing I Hope You Understand About RJsCorner Is My Epistemic Humility

I wonder how many were drawn in by the title of this post? 🥴 When I see words I don’t recognize, I immediately enter them into my New Oxford American Dictionary app that has permanent residence on my computer desktop. Here is what they say:

To put the two together to form one thought,

I recognize and accept my limited knowledge and understanding of the world, and I acknowledge that there are many things I do not know and my beliefs and opinions must undergo constant evaluation.

Now, let me explain this a little more.

  • I am not morally obligated to have an opinion or understanding of every single thing that happens in the world. But many people are too proud to say they don’t know, so they regurgitate something they’ve heard from someone else. That is not me. If I don’t know, I will quickly tell you.
  • I don’t contribute to a mess when it’s a mess that doesn’t concern me. One of the most prominent messes right now is politics. There is no use trying to convince someone who has already had their minds made up by someone else. Reasoning with a brainwashed person is next to impossible.
  • A good writer can stir up a reaction. A great writer doesn’t need to. Just throwing your two cents in doesn’t make you a profound intellectual, it makes you blur into the noise of the crowd. This is one of those things that I sometimes lose track of. I don’t want to be just noise, and try my best not to be.
  • Instead of trying to be right all the time, I more often just try to be less wrong. Using my unique view of the world, I just try to give you my humble opinion about the topic at hand. Along the way, I hope that I have given you something to laugh about, at least once in a while.
  • As Socrates said, the more I learn, the more I realize just how much I don’t know.

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