Americana #2: Pleasant Hill Attic – Lexington, KY

Center Dwelling Attic, 1978

For the second post in this new Americana Project, I give you one of the most stunning pictures I have ever taken. Since simplicity, symmetry, and beauty are so essential to my life, and particularly photography, this picture HAD to be number one.

Yes, I realize that it is a little blurry, but since it is a scanned version of a developed photo print, that is the best I could do with the technology available at the time. I will be giving you many more pictures and stories about Pleasant Hill Shaker Village in future posts. Even the logo for this new series is a photo of another building there.

Shaker simplicity in everything they did drew me to the village, and I have made numerous other trips there throughout the years. My last trip was about a month ago. It will likely be my last one. Now, onto the picture itself.

Pleasant Hill has three primary family dwellings, and the Center Dwelling was the biggest of them all. It housed about a hundred people. After touring the first three floors, I discovered another set of twin staircases that lead up to the attic. Some of the plaques there said that this is where they stored their off-season clothing.

I instantly fell in love with the beauty, lighting, and symmetry of the scene.

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