Spring Flowers at Mount Vernon

(click on the photo to see a larger view)

Welcome to the first post in the Americana Project here at RJsCorner.

This picture was taken in 2011 during my fourth visit to Mount Vernon. The significant difference between this trip and the first one, was more attention was paid to the slaves that kept the place as beautiful as it is shown here. Mount Vernon had 500 acres and 317 slaves.

After his presidency in March 1797, Washington came back to Mount Vernon to tend to repairs to the buildings, socializing, and further gardening before he died in December 1799 He spent a total of 19 years here. Future posts will provide more details about Mount Vernon and its place in history.

2 thoughts on “Spring Flowers at Mount Vernon

  1. The emphasis on the slave labor both at Mt Vernon and Jefferson’s plantation is very welcome. My grandchildren are quickly gaining a perspective that was not presented to me 50 years ago.
    I look forward to your photo tours of the area.


    1. Thanks, Janette. I have been to a good number of president’s home now. Maybe I need to keep count of them. That might be an interesting way to plan future camper trips. I thought about putting a bunch of pictures here, but decided that simplicity should reign on the Americana posts, at least for now. Some would say I am dribbling my pics out, but 😎…


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