Favorites Sunday – Looking Back Five Years.

I am refining my Favorites Sunday selection a little here. I have decided that I will go back 5 years to the week to see what I was talking about and if anything has changed.


It was a tough road, but I think I am finally beginning to keep my life challenging, at least with respect to my current conditions. I have discovered that life can really be joyful regardless of what surrounds you if you work hard enough at it. Five years ago I would never have thought that the tone of the country would have turned so ugly. Despite even that, I think I am more joyous than I was when I penned these words.

How about you. Are you more joyful than you were 5 years ago?

The Lily Pond

For this Saturday I thought I would go WAY back to my analog photo days of 1986. About eight winters ago I spent what seemed like an eternity scanning the dozens of photo albums to put them in digital format. This is one of them. I know it was taken in 1986 but don’t know where?

Even if it is a low resolution picture, I think it is one of my favorites.