About Deafness — Chapter 92

I realized that it has been quite some time since I put out a post primarily about deafness. But the title of “chapter 92” is kind of made up.  🙂  This particular chapter is the result of an episode on the CBS News – Sunday Morning about being in an anechoic chamber. First off the program mentioned is not really about “news” but more of like On the Road with Charles Kuralt but with Indiana’s own Jane PauleyNow I know I am dating myself with this reference but for those of you who don’t know about “On The Road..” check it out on Wikipedia.

2017-02-12_10-01-21.pngGetting back to the anechoic chamber story, it was about a couple of guys who were amazed at the experience of sitting an anechoic chamber.  I have some personal experience with this as I rather frequently used a chamber in my early engineering years. I was hearing, at least to some degree, at that time and agree that is it a unique experience. An anechoic chamber basically stops all ambient noise.

Anyway the guys mentioned that they could hear each other’s breath and even when they moved their eyebrows.  I kind of doubt the eyebrow comment but they said this was an experience they have never had before.  That got me to thinking that I have been in an anechoic chamber for almost thirty years now, but not really.

To explain that a little further, I am plagued with tinnitus which is ringing in my ears. For me is it two frequencies overlapping each other. One is a low rumble and the other is a whistle type sound. They are constantly in my head.  Thank heavens that my brain is able to just ignore them most of the time but not always, especially when  I think of them as I am now. The roar would probably drive a hearing person to insanity. They say that Van Gogh suffered from tinnitus and that is the reason he cut off his hear.  I don’t know about that but it is an interesting story 🙂

I was hearing impaired most of my life and knew that one day I would go deaf. Luckily that day didn’t come until I was about forty.  I remember in my hearing aid days wondering what it would be like to not be able to hear anything. I once even tried to simulate it by keeping my head under water in the bathtub but then I could still hear the lower frequency sounds of the water and the tub so that just didn’t work.

It turns out that as is often the case it is not possible to simulate total deafness except in an anechoic chamber and even then you can hear yourself breathe.  One of the things that Helen Keller said when someone asked her which sense she would like to have the most either hearing or sight.  She said hearing as that is what keeps you attached to people. That kind of surprised me as I would have chosen sight but their is certainly a lot of truth in her words. being deaf is not for sissies…



A Special Snowflake

Snippet Banner As part of the Narcissist Project I wanted to put out this snippet as an example. The current Oval Office occupant is indeed very delicate that he takes everything personally. Every event he attends always starts out with being about him and then leads to the “Fake News” of those who might disagree with anything he says.  These are sure signs of an NPD Narcissist.

In the days after the 2016 election, some conservatives began mocking liberals expressing their distress as “special snowflakes,” so delicate and tender that they needed to retreat to their “safe spaces” where the world’s cruel realities wouldn’t intrude on them. But now we know who the most special snowflake of all is, the one whose feelings are so fragile that he must be nestled within a supportive cocoon lest he fall to pieces. I speak of course of the president of the United States, who exists in a floating safe space that is never quite safe enough.

2017-02-16_09-38-39.pngThat’s because Trump, special snowflake that he is, takes everything personally. If leaks are coming out of the government, it must be because people are out to get him …

That’s because Trump, special snowflake that he is, takes everything personally. If leaks are coming out of the government, it must be because people are out to get him — and he assumes that everyone’s motives are as petty as his. Does he actually think that people in the FBI or the intelligence agencies leaked the information about Michael Flynn because they were “trying to cover up for a terrible loss that the Democrats had under Hillary Clinton”? He probably does. MORE PERSPECTIVES PASCAL-EMMANUEL GOBRY Investigate Trump! MICHAEL BRENDAN DOUGHERTY Will Trump make a populist pivot on ObamaCare?

Anyone who follows Trump on Twitter knows that “unfair” is one of his favorite words. Despite the fact that he has gone through life screwing over everyone he could, from the contractors he refuses to pay to the suckers who bought seminars at Trump University, Trump is always ready to complain that he’s being treated unfairly, which usually means that people aren’t showing him the deference and appreciation he feels he deserves. His political opponents? Unfair. The courts? Unfair. The media? Unfair. In a fair world, everyone would let him do what he wants, then applaud him for doing it.

Source: Donald Trump, special snowflake

He vowed to help the working class. He’s helping wealthy financial elites instead.

Can a person who is an NPD Narcissist really understand what the average person is going through in these trying times. Can he have empathy or is it fake empathy just to gain more admiration and praise he desperately needs? Can a person who has never ran anything other than a family owned kingdom actually know what to do in a massive public sector job? Those are the questions of today. One of those critical factors is consumer protection vs. corporate free will.

On Friday, the Trump administration rolled out new executive actions, this time calling for a review of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law signed by President Obama. The Labor Department will also have to consider whether a new fiduciary rule Obama put in motion, to be enacted this April, should be rethought or scrapped.

But after the financial industry nearly destroyed the economy in 2008, who on Earth would view deregulating the financial industry as a good idea?

The answer is obvious: the financial industry, of course. The more they’re deregulated, the more they profit — the rest of us be damned.

Republicans don’t like “big government” solutions. No Keynesian stimulus to help the economy, and less welfare aid and direct job creation to help the poor. Nor do they want to make Social Security more generous to help retirees.

They want the private financial industry to solve all these problems instead.

Source: Trump vowed to help the working class. He’s helping wealthy financial elites instead.

Since it has been more than eight years I suspect that there are some children around who don’t remember the near meltdown of our economic system due to deregulating of the finance sector. Our entire auto industry which is the backbone of what remains of the manufacturing sector was headed for bankruptcy. I think most of us remember those times and the causes for them.

Safeguard laws under the name of Dodd-Frank were instituted by congress to prevent future catastrophes. Now that the is a billionaire in the Oval Office he wants to get rid of those stifling rules that prevents those like him from getting richer faster.  If he really was looking after the “little guy” he would be trying like another GOP rebel Teddy Roosevelt finding any loopholes in the existing laws that should be closed. Instead he is doing everything possible to scrap any safeguards now in place.

I am praying that the Republican congress does not allow him to put us back in immenient harms way by undoing their prevention measures. I am hoping and even praying that at least “they” have a sense of public good in their hearts.  I doubt this type of resistance will come from Mr. Ryan but maybe those in the ranks will come forward. It can’t be all about the filthy rich getting richer.. It just can’t….

Others Right To Exist..

Snippet Banner  Just a quick snippet here to give you the Editor’s letter from The Week magazine this week. This is one of those print copies that I still get and read in bed each night.  This letter speaks so much truth to me I had to post it here. Please take it to heart as I have… everyone has a right to exist…

Editor’s letter

2017-02-15_08-59-22.pngAn extremely pregnant woman was standing in a crowded New York City subway car, hanging on with one hand as it swayed back and forth, waiting for some decent soul to offer her a seat. No one stood up. When the mom-to-be—The Week’s managing editor, Carolyn O’Hara—painted this grim tableau for me the other day, I was appalled but not surprised. It’s just another manifestation of what I’ve come to think of as our country’s “eff you” culture. Norms of civility are eroding at a galloping pace, and giving way to an unashamed rudeness—a me-first ethos in which people feel they owe nothing to anyone. You see it in every aspect of life: drivers who speed up as you try to merge onto a highway, blocking you from “getting ahead”; pedestrians who batter you with elbows, bags, or umbrellas and glare rather than apologize; morons who bray loudly or let their children run wild in restaurants and other public places, oblivious to the irritation of people all around them. Eff you if you don’t like it.

What’s going on? My guess is that several factors are conspiring to make us all more self-centered. Modern workplace culture is brutally Darwinian, with employees knowing they’re disposable at any time; in the struggle for economic survival, everyone is your competition. Our personal electronic devices encapsulate us in a bubble of personal preferences—customized music, videos, news, texts, Facebook updates. “The commons” of shared information, culture, and basic values is fading away. My reality trumps yours; in fact, your very existence in my space is an intrusion in my bespoke world. Our politics has become toxic, and laced with fear and resentment; each faction sees the others as existential threats to their way of life who must be silenced, conquered, crushed. Where does this eff-youism lead? Nowhere good. C’mon, people: We’re all stuck with each other, and life is a lot easier—and more pleasant—when we grant other folks the right to exist.

William Falk, Editor-in-chief

The Week

San Francisco..

ISOA Banner  In this weeks ISOA post I thought I would finish off my report about San Francisco. Of course the first view is the Golden Gate Bridge, second is The Wharf. Don’t miss the Aquarium, it is one of the best in the country. We must have roamed about 6 miles one day throughout the neighborhoods. Not bad for a couple of senior citizens. Regretfully we never managed to get a ride on a cable car.

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