Des Moines Creativity

2010 9849-Edit.jpg

I love the colorful circles outside the planetarium in Des Moines. They are very creative. But I am most attracted to architectural features like the inside of the dome. There is just something about architectural symmetry that draws me in.

Architectural Art.jpg


Des Moines State Capital  Pic of Corn

Iowa is pretty much known as corn to many of us so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to see this very large picture of corn in the State House in Des Moines.  I am not making fun of Iowa as my home state of Indiana is known for much the same thing.  In fact Iowa is one of my favorite states and Mount Vernon Iowa is the most picturesque town I have ever visited.

Symmetry Attack…

Des Moines State Museum - SymmetryI am having another symmetry attack and need to get it out of my system. This picture of symmetry was taken at the Des Moines Iowa State Museum a few years ago. It is a very interesting place to visit.

Be a Giver, Not a Taker….

I found this plaque in the State Capital in Des Moines Iowa. It says a lot about what the heart of America really means. It is a quote form St. Francis os Assisi in memory John F. Kennedy.