Flowers In The Middle Of Winter…

Here we are in mid-January in the Midwest so there isn’t much growing. But that doesn’t prevent me from enjoying the flowers I found in the Des Moines Botanical Gardens a few years back.  I haven’t had to deal with much snow so far but I still got the winter blahs…. so I need plenty of flowers. 🙂

As usual click on any pic to see a larger slideshow view 


  1. Beautiful pictures of flowers and plants. I have been trolling gardening sites recently to fight off the winter blahs. Its always fun to plan for Spring planting with seeds and bulbs etc…. Thanks for the burst of life in photos!


  2. Hi Jane… Believe it or not I have even ordered my necessary supplies for this year’s garden. It has shrunk to about 10′ x 32′ but still part of my life. Now I am talking about the veggie part… my wife takes care of all the flowers but even her gardens are shrinking to something more manageable for our ages.


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