One Day At A Time…

2018-02-17_13-21-36.pngThe title of this post has multiple meanings. It was once a TV show about a single Indianapolis mother who was raising two teenage girls. It was a comedy but also showed some of the serious sides of parenthood. It is also a theme associated with  Alcoholic’s Anonymous. That is you work through each day at a time to stay sober.  But, I want to take the phrase and apply it to our retirement years, and maybe even the time outside those years.

2018-02-17_13-23-44.pngI am a dreamer.  That is a good thing, but it also can be a bad thing. I am constantly dreaming about what the future may hold for me. Yes, I continue to do that even in my senior years. Sometimes that dreaming crowds out what is going on around me at the time.

But the problem with just dreaming is that it is not the most fruitful way to spend your day. Dreaming is valuable but really not very productive.  For that reason, I have vowed live each day as it comes. As a person who has more days behind than ahead, I need to cherish each day as it comes. You never know when will be your last one.

When I say cherish I don’t mean that I have to go skydiving every day. But it does mean doing something fruitful with the current 24 hours. Sometimes that means blogging here on RJsCorner, sometimes it means reading a book, and yes sometimes it means just enjoying the beauty around me.  But what it doesn’t mean is to spend the day on the couch glued to whatever TV show I can find. It doesn’t mean feeling sorry for myself because of an ongoing health issue. It means “living” one day at a time and being able to look back on each day and say “I accomplished something”.

Life, especially for us seniors, is just too short to slither the days away with meaningless dribble.  Don’t waste a single day of your life as you will never get it back…



Dream On… Dream On…

I have said this before but I think it needs refreshing. You are never too old to stop dreaming.  Here I am in my seventies and still dreaming of what I want to do in my future years.  Yes, some of those dreams are unrealistic from a physical standpoint but I continue to dream them anyway. Maybe someone will invent a cure for old age? 🙂

canstockphoto21819757.jpgI have been and always will be a planner and dreams  go hand in hand with that trait. To me planning something is almost as enjoyable as actually doing it.  Sometimes plans don’t work out like my recent visit to Sauder Village in northwestern Ohio but more often than not they are much better than playing it by ear so to speak. I am in the final stages of planning a trip to the Chicago region. It will include a day at the Midway Village and Museum and the Des Plaines Valley Rendezvous in early September. I just found a website that give me a listing of all the rendezvous in the country and plan on visiting several next year. There is just something about non-violent recreators that fascinates me.  Since it makes no sense to me to celebrate our country’s wars I have no interest in the Civil War stuff which seems to predominate the reenactment category.

I am probably in my last decade of life but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming. I suspect I will be on my death bed and still be dreaming in case it ends up being a false alarm. 🙂

Dream On,  Dream On….