About The Stock Market….

Yesterday, while we were at breakfast at the hotel on the last day of our vacation there were several business men at another table complaining this or that about President Obama. They were talking about things that were… Read More

Grand Canyon

This was my second visit to the Grand Canyon in December 2005. We stayed at the park lodge just fifty feet away from this view. That is one of my dirty little secrets that park lodges are often… Read More

Oh the Rockies……

Being that I have been on vacation for the last few weeks Photo Saturday took a back seat to my On-The-Road posts. I am starting them up again here. But this one is still from our vacationūüôā ¬†… Read More

On-The-Road Day 11 — Calling It Quits….

Here we are ending day eleven of our trip heading home. The were a few sites I had picked for visits today but my wife just isn’t feeling up to it. She has really not done well this… Read More

On-The-Road Day 10 Canyonlands National Park

When we left Mesa Verde yesterday we headed northwest into Utah to visit Canyonlands National Park. ¬†Canyonland is a very different place but also much like the Grand Canyon in its majesty. Here are some pictures: Have to… Read More

On-The-Road Day 8 –Thoughts about Mesa Verde

Today is a somewhat leisurely day for us. It is our last day at Mesa Verde so I thought I would give you an evaluation of our time here. ¬† This has been one of my favorite vacations… Read More

On-The_Road Day 7 –Working 9 til 5…

For the last hundred years or more the average person went to work for a given number of hours and then went home to his family. He was paid for his efforts and used that money to provide… Read More

On-The-Road Day 6 — Can’t We Just Get Along…

Being as I recently saw that the person famous for this quote from the L.A. riots died the quote has been on my mind. ¬†It seems that ¬†just getting along is a hard thing to do now days…. Read More

Colorado On-The-Road Day 3 Cortez Colorado

Here we are settled in for the night at Cortez Colorado. We check in to the Mesa Verde National Park lodge tomorrow for our five-day R&R and spiritual regeneration. We spent today traversing the Rocky Mountains. It was… Read More

Kansas Homestead…..

Just a quick post this morning. I got up at 5:00AM (7am body time) so have been cruising the web for a few hours now. ¬†I realize that I have been neglecting on part of this blog and… Read More

On The Road Again…..

Mesa Verde National Park Yes, starting today my wife and I are on the road again. This time we will be traveling by car to the great State of Colorado. The majority of our time will be spent… Read More

On-The-Road Washington DC Day1

Well here we are finally settled into our hotel room at 9pm in Greensburg PA. Since this is the first bus tour we have taken I really didn’t know what to expect. The entire day was spent on… Read More

On The Road – Omaha (Day 6) More on Boy’s Town…

A rather ¬†boring day today. We left Omaha about 10:00am and made almost 400 miles of Interstate driving before settling down near St. Charles MO. But given that there was little walking it was good for my aching… Read More

On The Road – Omaha (Day 5)

It was a very interesting day today. We spent the first part of it at Father Flannigan’s Boys Home and then went to the Spirit of¬†Nebraska Wilderness Project in the downtown area. It is nice to see that… Read More

On The Road Again…..

We will be on the road again in about a week and I am going to do my usual “on the road” daily blog posts giving you my observations and experience of what we visit. ¬†This time we… Read More