Trip Log – Thoughts about Oregon

Since we will be leaving Oregon tomorrow I thought I would put down some of my general thoughts about this State. Overall I was kind of dissappointed with Oregon. While the landscape is beautiful it is really not much different then western Montana, Washington, or Idaho. The State population is about one half of that of Indiana but there seems to be a lot more people wherever we go. Except for the most desolute areas there are always cars ahead and behind you.  The towns, no matter how small, always seem to have traffic jams at every stop light. They don’t seem to speed like they do in other States but they are always there.  It reminds me of New Jersey in that regard. Another way it reminds me of NJ is that they don’t allow you to pump your own gas.  I think those are the only two States that still have that restriction.

Prices here also seem to be higher than anywhere else we have been.  I don’t know if this is a precusor to California or not.  I will let you know that in a few days. Maybe I just had it in my mind that Oregon was something special since that is where everyone just had to go when the Western migration was in full swing. Portland started me down the road to dissappointment and I guess I never recovered from that.

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