Trip Log – Oh those redwoods are BIG…

SL CA Redwood 1

SL California Redwood 2I am making this post on Saturday morning, or afternoon for everyone in Indiana.  Yes, we did make it into California yesterday as evidenced by the sign above.  We entered the State on Hwy 101 so it was a rather modest sign to introduce us to the State. We spent most of yesterday going through the redwood forests of northern California. Yes, they are BIG.  Since we were focusing on the trees in these pictures the people (Yvonne and I) are dwarfed in the photos above.  That is me standing below the large vertical tree.   The story around the tree was that in the early 1900’s the loggers had a competition on who could take down the largest tree.  Many of the bigger trees are 2,000 years old; what a shame the many of them are forgotten decks and siding on now abandoned homesteads. Anyway the tree that I am standing in front of someone wanted to cut it down and make a dance floor on the stump.  But the locals were finally beginning to realize that “their” big trees were quickly disappearing so they came to the defense of this one and therefore saving it.  We took a mile and a half hike through the Lady Bird Johnson Grove of redwoods.  It was truly awesome but a little tiring for Yvonne as seen in the last photo above. This was about a mile into the trek and she was starting to doubt whether she would see civilization again :).

We spent the night in Eureka and will be heading down to Napa and Sonoma valleys today to see where all our wine and vegetables come from.  More on our trip there tonight.

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