Trip Log – The Nevada Two Step….

SL Nevada Sign   SL Nevada Mtns

We did a dance with Nevada today and made it across the State in one day (about 420 miles) as well as the last 80 miles of California. That makes today #2 in our day trip distance. And at that we also lost an hour as we ended up in Mountain time.

What can I say about Nevada. I think two words can pretty much wrap up my synopsis of the State: Casinos & Desert. If either of those are not your thing then Nevada doesn’t have much for you.  We stayed on Interstate 80 the whole way and discoverd about 1/3 of the distance covered with highway barrels/cones but only saw one actual crew working  in the entire distance. By Midwest standards I80 is in excellent shape; hardly a crack or bump anywhere. So I caught myself asking why all these construction cones? Then I remembered that the Nevada Senator is the chief honcho in the Senate now so I guess Obama had to promise to “top off” all the roads here to get what he wants passed in the congress!   It is a shame that the money couldn’t be spent on roads that actually need fixing but I guess that is politics for you.  If the money had to be spent in Senator Reid’s province I think it would have been better spent on solar panels and wind turbines as I didn’t see any in the State.

We are now one mile inside of Utah and looking at the Great Salt Lake from our hotel room window.  We may make the short trip to the Bonneville Salt flats if there is anything to see there. Otherwise it is on to Salt Lake City for the day tomorrow.

SL Salt Lake