All I Know … About the Debt Ceiling

I have been a little shy about wading in on the debt ceiling stuff that is going on right now.  As you know I like to make jokes about what I say here and those Republicans in Congress are making me look like an abject amateur in that area. Most of this same group of yahoos rubber stamped seven (yeah seven) debt increases during baby Bush’s eight years in office. We did not even hear a peep out of them about anything to do with future generations or all those things we are hearing now.

The merrily passed all the expenses for Mr. Bush’s two foreign wars on to future generations by keeping them “off books”. Now all of a sudden they got religion and decided that debt is a bad thing and we can’t solve it in a rational manner because to them it is all of a sudden a huge emergency.  Could it possibly be due to the fact that there is now a Democrat in the executive office? They just didn’t seem to see a problem during the last eight years! All this stuff that is going on now is pure unadulterated politics and  nothing else! I think the average guy can see through all of this; I’m pretty average and it seems all to obvious to me 😉

All this stuff is politics pure and simple. If Mr. McCain were in office it would be business as usual on annual debt ceiling increases and passing our war bills onto future generations. That was all fine and dandy while a Republican held the White House. I just hope those jokesters in Washington don’t put us into yet another financial crisis like they did in 2008 by refusing to raise the debt this time. It takes them eight years of letting the CEOs have control of business to get us into the messes they did and now they proclaim that Mr. Obama should have been able to fix all that stuff in a year and a half so now he is to blame for everything now.  If these guys (and gals, I don’t want to be called a sexist) cause yet another financial melt down with all this “we won’t raise the debt ceiling” jokes I hope they will have to pay the piper in next years elections. But like always they think all us folks who put them in office have very short memories.

Personally I agree with the Republicans (don’t tell my Democrat friends) that our government are spending too much money and they have been for almost ten years now.  They need to find the purse strings and close them up some.  But we can do that in a sensible manner; it doesn’t have to be a big panic that sets us off into another depression. I can’t let this go by without sharing what Will Rogers said about this kind of stuff almost eighty years ago

Politics is applesauce. I hope I never get so old that I can’t peep behind the scenes and see the amount of politics that is mixed in this medicine before it is dished out as pure statesmanship.

Both parties have their good times and bad times at different times. Good when they are out. Bad when they are in.

But what do I know….