On The Road — On a Sunday Morning…

Here I am sitting in our hotel room on a Sunday morning blogging again. Somewhere along my long life path I became a morning person; I do my best thinking then. It would be nice to read a paper, I mean the actual paper kind, that just seems to be more soothing for Sundays but since we could only discover the french version that isn’t happening. I’m looking out the window at a twelve lane road going into Montreal and it is hard to believe that it really is Sunday morning. Wait a minute I had better check on the date; yeah it is Sunday 😉

We decided to go into Montreal this morning and visit a few places, particularly Mont Royale and Olympic Park. They are right off the highway so we shouldn’t get too lost.  I want to see a few things in Quebec too so we thought the dash-in, dash-out approach would be a good one.  We don’t want to spend our entire vacations in the big cities. The purpose of this trip was to travel along the St. Lawrence seaway and visit Nova Scotia; that is country stuff not city stuff.  So in a few hours we will be on our way. That is if I can get myself moving.  I forgot to shave yesterday and Yvonne didn’t appreciate that so that is a must on my morning agenda today.

For those of you who read more than the “On the Road” stuff, you can see that I posted something about the Republicans and their debt stuff here.  Well that got me to thinking about a similarity between the French here in Quebec and the Republicans.  I don’t mean to necessarily insult either group by this sameness but I probably have insulted both.  Anyway, here goes. The French in Canada are pretty much the same as the Republicans in the U.S. in that they want it totally their way.  The french want french speaking signs everywhere in Canada but just a few English signs here in their providence. The Republicans want to solve this debt problems that primarily they got us into with only their solutions and won’t accept anything that they don’t like.

My wife said “Don’t go comparing the French Canadians to the Republicans; the french love President Obama and you might hurt their feelings!”  Well first of all my readership might be sizeable but I don’t think too many french are readers of my blog. And secondly I am just a guy who likes to poke fun at all my friends; even my french and especially my Republican ones. 🙂

Anyway I had better get moving now and get the beard shaved and shower taken so we can be on the road.  Oh just one more difference we have discovered in Canada, they don’t offer free breakfasts here or anything else free for that matter.

But what do I know…..

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