Dancing Seems Pretty Silly To Me……

I know one of the top shows currently on TV is Dancing with the Stars and there are a couple of others like it which I don’t know the names. I have only watched the aforementioned one for a couple of minutes but it seems pretty silly. You want to know the reason why?  Try putting the mute on during the program and you will see what I mean.  Without music dancing just seems like someone got into the Jack Daniels a little too much.

I have mentioned before that I am deaf and after almost 25 years my brain won’t even register what music and musical instruments sound like. But I must say that even before I was deaf I think the saying “white men can’t dance” applied particularly to me.

I just had to get that little thought off my brain. It was driving me bananas.


One comment

  1. My wife likes (no, loves) to dance. I just can’t. I have taken lessons, had my kids try to teach me, even bought a few videos. Nothing helps. I stumble around like a bumpkin. Needless to say, I watch very little dancing on TV.


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