Dug Into the Trenches…

Source:  What’s being said about debt panel failure – USATODAY.com.

This article is about what some are saying about the debt panel failure to come to any reconciliation on how to manage the deficits. Here are a couple of quotes:

New York Times: But, had a single Republican on the panel endorsed even a modest increase in upper-income tax rates, Republicans could have won trillions in cuts from entitlements and discretionary spending. … None would take that courageous step, and now it seems foolish to have expected that they would.”

National Journal: “Shame on Republicans for a stubborn unwillingness to seriously consider tax increases. Shame on Democrats for keeping a closed mind to significant benefit cuts. And shame on President Obama for standing idly by as Washington failed again to get the country’s fiscal house in order. The political system is broken. It’s only a matter of time before voters take matters in their own hands: The rise of a third party — or the dramatic overhaul of one of the existing ones — is in the offing. … Sooner or later, we will pay for the opportunities missed in 2011. Shame on us for letting that happen.”

It seems that both parties are thoroughly dug into the trenches and refusing to budge. I personally can see some validity on both sides on these issues. Why can’t they like their predecessors in the past been able to take the best of both sides into a common sense solution? Why are they so dug into an untenable position? The Republicans total refusal to consider ANY tax increase, even on those who have benefitted the most from tax decreases, is wrong headed to me.  Until they can give a little the Democrats will likewise remain dug in. I guess someone has to blink and neither side wants to be the first to do that. How sad is that?

I seem to hear it again and again from Democratic in-siders that they wish President Obama would get more involved in these issues? I wonder what would happen if President Clinton were in office now instead of Mr. Obama? Would he have managed to wrench out some sort of compromise?  I am one to also believe that the political system is broken in this country. I don’t know how long this can continue before a dramatic overhaul takes place. Third parties seem impossible to get any creditability these days; they seem to only form on the fringes of society. How else can an overhaul take place? Let’s pray that someone can consolidate the citizenry around saner principles. We definitely need someone and soon.