On-The-Road Day 4 Mesa Verde

We are now settled down in our lodge room at Mesa Verde National Park. The photo below is looking out our room window. We plan to spend many hours out on our deck admiring it.

The room and especially the view is everything I expected it to be. We spend the day at the visitor center and just vegging  out in the room. Tomorrow we will venture to go down to one of the ruins. We are trying the least physical one first and then going from there. It is about 70 degrees right now at early evening going down to about 50 degrees tonight. I think this will be one restful sleep. Gotta quit now and go back to the deck and watch as the sun goes down. The colors continue to change by the minute.

More tomorrow…


  1. Sounds comfortable at seventy degrees. I thought it would be hotter there than here. I hope that it is a endless beautiful sight for you. You might be seeing more in life without hearing. I think other senses take over and become more skilled. at least that happened when my mother had macular degeneration of both eyes. She had more skills develop as a result of losing most of her eyesight. I think losing something in life makes us better adapting to other things .


  2. Yes, Mary I think you are right. Since I became deaf I can feel vibrations much more acutely and my peripheral vision has increased quite a bit. And yes even sunsets seem more colorful to me.
    A mother and baby dear came by our deck for a visit a few minutes ago so Yvonne is happy. Mesa Verde is at 8800 feet of elevation so that is why it is cooler here. It is getting down to 50 degrees tonight; I suspect it is in the lower 60s already.


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