I have always been a person who is constantly saying “Why?” Here are some whys that have been spewing off the top of my head lately.  🙂 They are too small for an entire post so I am just going to throw it out here and in no particular order:

  • Why do fifteen percent of the population think they are in the top 1%  ?— So there are fifty times more people worried that their taxes will go up if President Obama is re-elected.  We all want to believe that we are somehow special but 1/6 of the population just won’t fit in the one percent tub. No way, no how…..
  • Why don’t people understand that if you want to live like a Republican you must vote like a Democrat? —  It is a known fact that if you had invested $10,000 in only Republican administrations for the last eighty years it would now be worth $11,733.  If you had invested in only Democratic administrations it would be worth $300,671!  (source  Wolfram Blog : Stock Market Returns by Presidential Party.)  So why do all the money hungry  folks continue to align with the Republican party?
  • Why do so many women seem to want to be six inches taller than the height God gave them? –This trend toward wearing six-inch heels really confuses me. I believe that women have come a long ways in the past few decades. They have asserted themselves in the business world. They are now the primary earner in many families. There are now many shows on TV where they are in charge now. You certainly didn’t see that even a decade ago.  So why do so many women continue to fall in line with the latest fads no matter how absurd they seem to be? I want to predict a huge increase in demand for podiatrists in the future to treat all those future bunions out there. 🙂
  • The major focus of the country is currently on unemployment. It seems to be driving much of this political season. If you believe the hype everyone is either unemployed or underemployed in this country. But what happened this week seems to directly counter that belief.  Across the country were millions of people standing hours in lines to pluck down up to $600 for a new iPhone5?  It is obvious that not everyone has been affected by the economic downturn. Many if not most of the people in these long lines already have an iPhone 4 that is still very functional yet they have enough disposable income to update to the latest thing. I just don’t understand it?? But then again in reality only one out of every twelve of us can’t find a job….

4 thoughts on “Why???….

  • Rod, I think you should start having a column in the NYTimes or the Owen County Newspaper. You really offer to people worthwhile and important topics for all us to think about how we react to the “news” or Information that we hear, see or inwardly digest.Anyhow, I will post it on my Facebook page regularly and maybe that will nudge others into following your comments and even better to comment themselves.


  • many of us think like you, BUT the difference between you and me. You write your thoughts down and share them everyday. I think The Lord has blessed you due to the unfortunate happening of losing all of your hearing and not being able to read people’s lips very well. The Internet and blogging have been a wonderful place to HELP all of us who read your thoughts to wake up. I truly believe that when a crisis occurs in our life at anytime, it IS a creative tool. For me personally, Facebook has Been a mecca(if I can use THIS word!) for sharing photographs and responding to my international friends and students! It is my personality to share my thoughts quickly with friends and now has begun to replace email and the telephone calling! The founder of Facebook might become the Head of the NEW United Nations without an appointment! I honestly feel we can do more good in this world by communication with each other and elections ,etc. only produce controversy.


    • Thanks again Mary. I am not sure if my deafness has a lot to do with my writing. I think it is more of my altruistic nature that causes me to pen what I do. But, yes the Lord gave me the ability to put pen to paper very early in my life. It is just something that has come very naturally to me. I am so glad to find so many people that think the same as I do. It gives me hope. According to the stats my readership has been growing quite significantly in the last several months. I am thrilled to see that. Writing comes pretty easy to me but it still takes time and study to get the words just right and to patiently show respect for those few commentors who don’t seem to be willing to give it back. Thanks again….


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