The “A” Word….

I want to warn you up front that this will be one of those serious posts by me. I try to keep this blog light-hearted at least on some level but the topic I am going to discuss has no possibility of that. In the 1950s the “a” word was the atomic bomb. As a school kid during that time I was taught to get under my desk if the teacher told us an atomic bomb had been dropped. I never understood how my desk was going to protect me but that is another story.

In the 1970s and beyond the “a” word has become abortion. Abortion was not a new thing even back then as there were many thousands performed before that time. But when the Supreme Court made being able to easily get an abortion the law of the land via the Roe vs Wade ruling it came to the forefront. Unfortunately abortions accelerated quickly after that ruling.

Of course with our two-party system of government in the U.S. one party tends to take one side of an issue and the other takes the other side. The Republicans took up the “anti-abortion” mantel and the Democrats took up the “pro-choice” position. I recently got into some discussions with one of my regular commentors on this blog about this topic.  The post around the comments didn’t really have anything to do with abortion but as usual when ideologies are discussed it often comes into the conversation.

Many who take the anti-abortion stand seem to think that all of us who support the Democratic party  in any regard are somehow pro-abortion. They therefore expect all of us to give argument supporting abortion. I usually try to avoid these discussions as they are seldom fruitful but I had to finally declare that I am “pro-life” all the way. That statement probably surprises some but on looking up the facts of this issue it seems that 57% of Democrats do not want abortion on demand. But another statistic that may have even surprising to many is that even 29% of Republicans want abortion to be widely available.  Here are the figures behind this statement.

So, it seems that the abortion issue does not fall strictly along party lines as most people seem to see it. I wish people would realize that there are people in both parties that are on both sides of this and many other issues.

Before leaving this post I am going to  proclaim one more time.

 I am “pro-life” all the way.

That is I am against abortion but I am also against capital-punishment, I am against war, and I am against guns.  I am also firmly for universal healthcare and a strong safety net for all our citizens. Of all of these issues I generally only see most Republicans aligned with the first one. Are my Republican friends only pro-life when it comes to the unborn?  To me a life is a life and should be treated as sacred in all instances. What point would it be to have a baby born and to then see that life extinguished due to a random shooting, an unnecessary war (and almost all our wars are unnecessary), an innocent person being found guilty of a crime, or even worse having someone die because of the lack of  nourishment or adequate healthcare.

I am “pro-life” in all aspects of life. Not just those who are yet to be born. When I look at the overall picture I see the Democrats as being more aligned to the vast majority of these issues. All of them, not just abortion, often result in lives lost and I mourn each death no matter the cause. I wish my Republican friends could understand that.

Ok, enough of these serious issues. Let’s move on to something more light-hearted. How about politics. 🙂

4 thoughts on “The “A” Word….

  1. We should remember that laws never prevented abortions in the past…but only relegated them to amateurs and back alley butchers. Many thousands of women died in the years before legal abortion in the U.S. Many women still die from illegal abortions in other countries in Africa and South America. Horror stories abound about these types of abortions, which is why they were made legal here and in much of the world. While I personally abhor the thought for myself or my daughters, I’m not so sure it is right for me to impose my view or morality on everyone else. I’m afraid history would repeat itself.

    And I also don’t believe that women have abortions on a whim as they are sometimes portrayed by the RTL. I have never been desperately poor or alone or abused or raped…I don’t know what I might think or do in that kind of situation.
    For those reasons …if I have to take a side, I would have to be on the pro-choice side when it comes to a civil law. That doesn’t mean I am pro-abortion. It means I choose to respect the rights of women to make an informed decision for themselves and have a safe option when they do.


    1. Thank you Jane for your thoughtful words. I can certainly understand your view and was hoping someone would bring it forth here. As always there are two sides to almost all issues and both have serious reasons for the stand taken.


  2. I do not agree with capital punishment. I also do not believe in current incarceration situations. I don’t believe in what we, as a country do as mercenaries. I wonder why we defend Israel or are in the Middle East.I am unclear how we can help. Most of the starving world- knowing it is starving because civilians are often held hostage by war lords. Do we simply let them starve because you don’t believe in guns? If you lived in a dangerous neighborhood, would you object to the police defending you?

    Sad that you can support a party that feels so deeply that abortion- in almost any curcumstance- should be legal. It is not the same party shown last election. This election cycle it is obvious. In the day and age that we spend million at keeping 20 week babies alive and import infants from other countries…we have become the ultimately narcisistic country of ” only if it is good for me.”

    I’ve lived in China. I know what the abortion cycle to run to.
    But what do I know?


    1. Janette, I don’t have the energy right now to spend replying again to your opinions on abortion or guns/violence. If you want to see some heartfelt replies to anti-violance I suggest you look at some Quaker writing. Particularly by its founders. But then again I don’t suspect that like my words here, Quaker thought will influence you much as your opinions are pretty well fixed in your being now.

      You complain about this being a narcissistic country but what are you doing to move it away from that attitude? As Gandhi said we must all do what we can and millions of little things turn into one big one that actually makes the change happen.

      God bless you for having some pro-life stands.


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