How to deal with the Internet’s biggest morons…

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The more popular my blog becomes the more I am open to the morons who troll around on the Internet.  While I have the best readers in the world (thanks Bob for the phrase), I also have my share of moron trollers lately.  Most end up on my blacklist who are blocked from further comments (thank heavens my blog host has that and it anti-spamming capability).  So, when I came upon this article about how to deal with these guys it got my attention.  Here are my two favorite ones from the article:

Source: Top 10 ways to deal with the Internet’s biggest morons – Digital Life.

angry 1Learn to argue without bringing out the worst in people Sometimes you just can’t help yourself, and you get into an argument with someone on the internet. As bad an idea as this is, there are some things you can do to avoid coming off as a troll (and thus avoid bringing out the troll in everyone else). You can also try and sound like you know what you’re talking about even when you don’t, but on the internet, that’s a recipe for disaster, and you’ll lose an already impossible-to-win argument. When you realize you’ve made a mistake, be sure to read up on how to get out of an argument with an irrational person. You’ll need it.   

Just stop caring about trolls and get on with your life The absolute best way to avoid the leagues of morons on the internet — particularly the troll variety — is to just ignore them. They aren’t attacking you, they’re attacking boredom, and they’re hardly worth the energy of even engaging, particularly because that’s exactly what they want. If you get locked in, you can weasel your way out with dignity, but the more you realize they aren’t worth the effort, the happier you’ll be.

I try to treat everyone who comments on my posts with a degree of respect. I try to treat them better than they sometimes treat me. But, as the words above say many trollers are simply there in order to raise my ire. They are just bored people with a big chip on their shoulder for this or that reason. They get excited by trying to shock others with their hateful words.  You can see them at the bottom of most news articles on the web. These are the type of people who are not worthy of any of my time or my blog space. I can’t understand why the various news sources even allow this sort of stuff?

But there are those who put some thoughtfulness  into their comments and seem to really have an opposing view. I do enjoy them when they can keep it civil and respectful.  As the article says the biggest morons need to be summarily dismissed but don’t throw out everyone who might disagree with what you have to say. You might just learn something from them…. and they from you……