My Blogging Philosophy….

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I will be as honest as I can.

I will sometimes tell you the weirdest truths

I won’t talk down to you

I will assume that you are just as smart and compassionate as I am

I will not scream or rant with the unreal belief that doing so will change your mind.

Sometimes I wonder why I blog so much.

  • Is it to soothe my ego?
  • Is is to gain fame?
  • Is it to get you to understand some alternate truth?
  • Is it just to pass the time of day?

In reality it is probably a little bit of each. I know that nothing I say can change your mind about almost anything but it just might nudge you a little in my direction. My blogging philosophy is pretty much defined by the five things above. I will never tell you something unless I believe it to be true but some of my truths might seem a little weird 🙂  I won’t talk down to you as if I have some great knowledge that you need to somehow get through your tiny little brain.  But, I am a compassionate guy about several different things. I like to believe that my main reason for blogging is to coax you to sharing my compassion.

I try to keep my posts on at least some level of jest and human. This is what my hero Will Rogers taught me. I want you to be informed about these things but I won’t call you an idiot if you don’t get on board.  I know you are as immersed in your own personal perceptions, some say prejudices, as I am.  I hope to get your attention so that you will come back for more visits. That is probably where the ego comes in.

This stuff, like many other things just popped off the top of my head….