Peace Talks…

Peace Talks

What would happen if we spent as much money on seeking peace as we did going to war?  I suspect the cartoon would be much different. It would be a fleet of Maseratis on the Autobahn instead of what you see above. I don’t know if peace would actually happen even with this reversal but wouldn’t it be interesting to find out?

Maybe we could say “if you don’t kill any of your neighbors outside your borders this year we will give you $80 billion” Even with that we would come out ahead…..

2 thoughts on “Peace Talks…

  1. Yep, unfortunately, war brings greater corporate profit for those in power. Especially when human lives are considered cheap and expendable. And when the illogic of revenge and retribution is ignored and supplanted by emotionality. Perhaps we need more of those evolved Star Trek Vulcans among us …….


    1. So true Steve. Somehow we need to make peace as profitable as war for those guys. Vulcans, that just might be the answer or maybe another futuristic icon. “May the Force be with you”…. 🙂


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