Best Of Times, Worst Of Times….

2014-02-04_12-02-20One of the first books I read as a young man was Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities. The opening words of that book has been in my mind since that time. It would not be the last book by Dickens that I would read. Many of his books were about social reform. When his father was thrown into debtor’s prison Charles had to step forward. I think maybe my avid social conscience was at least partially formed by my early exposure to his writing. But as usual, the main topic of this post is not about Dickens but about the best of time happening concurrently with the worst of time…

One of the good things about this blog, at least from my standpoint, is that since RJsCorner is not a niche blog I can go just about anywhere with my posts and as you know I often do just that. I don’t have a set pattern for what and when I blog about a particular topic. Will Rogers is a major part of my being here. He is indeed one of my heroes  but this blog ventures way beyond that arena.

In some ways the variety I offer in my posts here is also one of the worst things about this blog, especially when it comes to readership. If RJsCorner were a niche blog addressing a particular topic such as UFOs, conspiracies, retirement living and such it would probably get  more readership. When I for the most part, left the political arena recently I lost a significant amount of daily views. Some people just gravitate toward those types of posts. I am not lamenting that loss of readership because of this decision as much as I am enjoying my life a little more when very partisan politics is not part of my daily menu.

I like to think that even though I post on many different topics that this blog has some central themes. Those are:

  • to always question things
  • that our diversity is the secret to our peaceful existence
  • to love your neighbor as God told us to do.

I think I have learned those lessons in life and hope that a little of those experiences rub off on some of you. Life’s choices are almost never made in leaps but instead by a number of very small nudges. I hope to nudge you a little that way.

Sometimes I wonder why I put so much effort into my blogs when relatively few people actually read what I write? Some of it certainly has to do with my lack of social interaction in the world around me. Being deaf is very isolating, utterly so sometimes. So, maybe I blog where most people would just call up a friend for some chit-chat. I know I like to write. It is a strong part of who I am.  I kind of like to think that when you read my words we are just sitting around my kitchen table with a cup of coffee shooting the bull. I greatly miss that part of my life. I really don’t know the core answer as to why I blog but I do know that it is just part of who I am now and will continue to be so. I just hope a few people enjoy what I write and maybe even get nudged a little…

8 thoughts on “Best Of Times, Worst Of Times….

  1. I enjoy your sharing on your blog. It is sort like writing in your journal for others to personally think about things. I think it is great that you can use your writing a blog to compensate for your inability to listen and talk to others. Keep up the Ramblings!


  2. I too, thoroughly enjoy opening your blog each morning not knowing where your busy brain will take us that day. You give us more personal glimpses into your life than many bloggers do and in so doing I feel like I really know you. I like that. And, I often have to go and do some research after you have opened up a topic I was not up on. I like that too. I would imagine the only readers you might have lost are those itching for an argument about politics and religion. While a bit of that can be stimulating, too much of it can be depressing and a turn off. You are keeping a nice balance in your blogs now….please continue and and know that we…your virtual tribe of friends…is out here and listening.


  3. I too enjoy reading your blog and make it a point to do so each morning and quite often find myself ruminating on it throughout the day. Your various topics and themes help “nudge” me at times to reconsider my own reaction to or responses to life situations
    around me. I don’t always agree but….I certainly appreciate the intellectual workout that you provide me each day!


  4. I enjoy how you write your blog. We have many of the same interests. It is good to “hear your voice” about the poor, politics, Church communities and rural life. Most are topics I have thought and read about all of my life. I don’t respond much because it is seen as an argument instead of a debate to flesh out information. There is enough argument in the world.


  5. Its nice to get a pat on the back once in a while to know we are doing something right and it soothes our fragile egos…. )

    Mary, you are right this is my public journal. I say things I want my friends to hear and you are all my friends.

    Jane, I love having morning coffee with you. Yeah I often wear my heart on my sleeve. That is just part of who I am. I certainly appreciate all your kind words over the past few years.

    Mike, you are the latest in my group of frequent commentors. I think I learn something from all your comments and I am happy to know that some of my “nudges” get through.

    Janette, yeah we often do see the same way but on different planes. That is what makes your comments the most challenging and maybe the most welcomed.

    I think my blog is somewhat typical in that less than 3% comment on any frequency. To all you guys that read in the background, thanks for coming back on a regular basis to read my words.


  6. I think it is wonderful that you are able to look back at your whole life and see things that did not go so well, and how you continued to go forward. Now, you understand yourself and what gives you enjoyment, what has changed in your interests, and realize that the life of a person, who is growing, will experience ups and downs with “people”. Being open to new happenings and new problems, gives you the freedom to express your true feelings.
    Writing clarifies our thoughts, and our true reactions.


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