Yin/Yang The Balance….

2014-05-01_10-26-21Lets continue with our study of Yin/Yang as it relates to the male/female balance within each of us. Here is a lengthy quote to start us off. I have underlined some of this quote to give it a personal emphasis.

This balance of male and female is also very evident in Native American Indian culture where the earth is called ‘Mother earth’ and the sky ‘Father Sky’. The Indians were not alone. The ancient Greeks also believed in father sky, who they called Zeus, and mother earth who they called Demeter. The Celts, the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Egyptians and the Tibetans all have circular mandalas and other symbols denoting the balance between the male and female energies… It is more than just a coincidence that all of these ancient religions and belief systems offer the same concept of masculine and feminine energies, especially seeing as many of these civilisations had little or no contact with one another. Yet in the modern-day western world we have scarcely any awareness of the incredible and dynamic energies that surround us.

The main question for all of us in terms of our personal development is how do these energies manifest in us? Are you a kind, considerate and loving woman who lacks the drive and energy required to achieve certain goals in your life? Are you a competitive, career-driven, goal-focused man who struggles to relate to your partner, children and others around you? All of us have strengths and weaknesses that stem from our individual balance of masculine and feminine energies. If you fail to effectively balance the yin and yang energies within you, then you will fail to lead a fulfilled and happy existence. Foley, Brendan (2010-01-01). The Yin Yang Complex: How to Harmonize Your Yin and Yang: “Life Changing” (pp. 31-32). Mercier Press. Kindle Edition.

Turning this quote personal, throughout my life I have always struggled with many things I thought it took to be manly. I abhor violence in any form and seem to have too much compassion for others. I was just not as competitive minded as many of my friends were.  I questioned whether that made me less manly.

As we will be covering in more detail in future posts I think that this almost total lack of understanding between yin and yang creates many problems for us in the western world.  I am reluctant to say it but I  believe that this ignorance is part of the problem of gender identification with some of our youth in recent decades.  I can personally say I struggled with it at least to some degree during those tumultuous years myself.

With this study I have come to further appreciate the balance between yin and yang in my personal life. I did some pretty stupid things in my life because I didn’t want to be called a sissy. Part of my problems in this area was probably due to having no females in my daily life until I was pretty much middle-aged. I just didn’t know much about the feminine side of life to know the difference.

Next time we will continue to talk about yin/yang as it relates to our current American culture.  I think you will be surprised at some of the things you will learn…

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