Snow Birds…By Necessity..


I don’t know whether to give credit to El Nino or global warming for the forecast above but I welcome it whichever it is. I always dread mid-January to mid-February here in the Midwest as it is for the most part bitterly cold, windy, and often snowy and that is a combination that gets me down.  I am one of those who get pretty seriously depressed during this time of year but maybe it won’t be so bad this year. I know global warming is a bad thing but I kind of appreciate it this time of year.

I wonder if we will hit that turning point in our atmosphere due to global warming where we would not be able to recover. They say it will happen quicker than many people want to admit.  I don’t know, but this warmer weather  in the depth of winter has got me to thinking. If it is going to be so warm in the winter in the northern States will that mean that the southern ones will have a much hotter summer?

Will we become snow birds, going in the opposite direction in the coming years? Will those living south of the Mason/Dixon line be forced to move to the north during the summer months?  If that is the case maybe we need to re-term this trend to something like “Road Runners”.   I guess I would welcome all my southern friends to have summer homes in my area. We do have some pretty places where they could stay for the summer.

Global warming is a very serious issue that we just can’t seem to convince some to even think about.  But personally I don’t think I have to worry about it too much so having some fun because of ignorance of it helps some. If any of you “road runners” want me to send you some tourist info about Indiana let me know…   🙂