Don’t Put It On God…Shit Happens…

2016-01-18_09-37-02.pngPart of questioning everything is to be suspicious of things you are “told” to be truth. If it doesn’t make sense it probably isn’t. That’s a version of Occam’s Razor that I follow. Another is that actions have consequences. Every decision we make in life causes some effects down the road. How does all of this relate to the title of this post?

While I don’t deny anyone the right to believe in the god of their choice I tire of hearing so many put the results of their previous decisions on God.  They say things like “God why did you cause me to be morbidly obese?” They put it all on God as they believe that he controls everything to the minutest detail. They simply will not accept responsibility for their own action.  That kind of belief is very destructive to me!

Why do some people need to put all the things, especially the bad things, that happen on God? Why can’t they accept responsibility for what happens in their lives or even the events from around the world? To me God is something quite different from their beliefs.  I believe that God puts us on this earth with a directive to love him and to love each other as our primary purpose.  He told us so through Jesus Christ. How we do, or maybe choose not to do, that is up to us. In my thinking He doesn’t force his will on us. My God is simply not a puppet master who pulls all my strings. My God looks for me to do the right things as he put in my heart and taught me with Jesus’ words.

Another area of this discussion is how some people attribute “miracles” to God that simply aren’t there.  For instance when a home has been destroyed by a hurricane but for some reason a Bible was left untouched  on a bed stand they claim it is a miracle of God. They claim this as proof of their version of God. They ignore the fact that the church down the road was also destroyed by that same hurricane and that scores of innocent people lost their lives. Why would God leave a Bible in place but destroy a place of worship let alone take life. I simply don’t buy this type of faulty logic.

Questioning everything in order to put things into perspective.  All our actions directly affect everything around us. Don’t put all your bad decisions on the will of God. It doesn’t belong there. Shit happens, especially as a result of our poor decisions….