Grand Ole Opry…

ISOA Banner Country music has never been my friend but in 1012 when we were in the area we visited the Grand Old Opry, or at least the early version of if. It was fascinating to see this almost eighty year old building that had been the start of so many country and blue grass artists.

Here are some pictures of that visit.

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Since my mind can no longer wrap itself around the sound of musical instruments this media hasn’t much meaning to me anymore but this Nashville building was well worth the visit. I found the Helen Keller portrait there quite interesting.  In some respects I am a socialist too….

After visiting this building we tried to get a look at the inside of the new one which is out in the suburbs but they wanted $30 apiece just to peek inside!! No way was I going to pay that but I did get a picture of the outside of the building.  🙂