¬†¬†One thing that Indiana simply doesn’t have are mountains. To me, there is just so much majesty in mountains. Sometimes I have brief glimpses of being a mountain man but I think that is probably just too much watching “Jeremiah Johnson” than anything approaching reality. ūüôā So, this InSearchOfAmerica post gives you some of my favorite pictures of my travels out west in the last … Continue reading Mountains…

Here’s To You California..

¬†¬†I will be the first to admit that I have only been in California on a handful of occasions and only once in the 21st century. But here is my gallery celebrating your State. ¬†I visited San Francisco and those pictures will be coming soon. But for this gallery I want to concentrate on the central farm lands and such. Here is a gallery of … Continue reading Here’s To You California..

Omaha’s Wilderness Park

¬† ¬†One of the most impressive city projects I have ever seen is the Wildnerness Park that extends through downtown Omaha Nebraska. I goes on for about a mile with bronze after bronze celebrating the buffalo that once populated so much of that State. ¬† Here is a rather extensive gallery/slideshow but it is still nothing like actually seeing them in person. As usual click … Continue reading Omaha’s Wilderness Park

Antique Tractors…

ISOA Banner  I spent a couple of summers during high school as a farm hand. A lot of it was putting up hay but some was helping with the planting and harvesting.  I hate to admit it but some of these antique tractors were the same models that I drove during those years.

Everything is being automated now. Even the tractors are beginning to be driven by GPS enabled robots. Less then 1% of us are now working the land. Its good to look back on the past to see where we have been. ¬†I enjoy the continuing tractor shows here in the Midwest. Continue reading “Antique Tractors…”

Zoar Village – Ohio

¬†¬†Recently I visited the Zoar Village in central Ohio that ¬†is one of the few villages where the whole town is on the National Register of Historic Places. ¬†As is often the case Zoar¬†was platted by Germans escaping religious prosecution by the Lutheran church in the early 1800s. It was a communal colony but unlike most did not discourage gawkers so it has a rich … Continue reading Zoar Village – Ohio

Swiss Heritage Village – Berne Indiana

¬†¬†On one of my recent uRV trips to northeastern Indiana I visited the Swiss Heritage Village. It was recommended to me by the tourist information center in the city of Berne. ¬†I was not aware that there was a strong Swiss presence in that part of the State. Here are some pictures of that visit. (Click on any picture to see a larger slideshow view) … Continue reading Swiss Heritage Village – Berne Indiana

The Redwood Forests…

I have always been a big fan of the songwriter Woody Guthry and¬†especially¬†his song “This land is your land”. Of course one of the places he mentioned in the song was the redwood forests. These pictures where taken in June 2009. We took a mile and a half hike through the Lady Bird Johnson Grove of redwoods in northern California. These pictures can’t really convey … Continue reading The Redwood Forests…

Bent’s Old Fort – One of My Favorite Historical Sites

I must admit that I am a U.S. history nut. In my life I have read several hundred books on the subject. Being non-violent at my core this list does not include many books on our wars but instead I focused on the people of the times. Except for the Revolutionary War which is necessary to understand the foundations of our society, I pretty much … Continue reading Bent’s Old Fort – One of My Favorite Historical Sites