Omaha’s Wilderness Park

ISOA Banner   One of the most impressive city projects I have ever seen is the Wildnerness Park that extends through downtown Omaha Nebraska. I goes on for about a mile with bronze after bronze celebrating the buffalo that once populated so much of that State.   Here is a rather extensive gallery/slideshow but it is still nothing like actually seeing them in person.

As usual click on any picture to see a larger slideshow view.

One thought on “Omaha’s Wilderness Park

  1. Enjoyed your posts on Omaha. I grew up in a small town that is now part of Omaha, and my brother still lives there.

    Have you been to the Durham Museum (formerly the Western Heritage Museum)? It is in the old Union Pacific station, built in the 1920s. The UP headquarters are in Omaha, and this was a flagship facility. The UP donated it to the city, and about twenty years ago it was converted into a great museum.

    How do I know all this? My brother, a retired civil engineer, was the project engineer for the renovation. It was his last job before retiring. He often jokes that the job was so much fun, he would have paid to do it. So if you haven’t been there, be sure to visit the next time you are in Omaha.

    I am sorry to report, however, that the Bohemian Cafe (an old Omaha landmark) closed last year. An annual lunch there was a long standing tradition for a bunch of old college friends from UNL. But Gorat’s is still there. If lucky, you may find Warren Buffet dining at a corner table. Just an old fashioned midwest steak house (and Nebraska steaks are awesome.)

    So thanks for making me a little bit homesick 🙂


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