Inside the Loony Bin Beltway – So. So.

Banner- Looney Bin  I have to admit here that I am disengaging from the beltway loony bin more and more as each day passes.  The cable news outlets are now erased from my satellite lists. I now get my network news totally from the PBS Newshour and the Sunday Fareed Sakara program. Yeah, I know he is on cable news but he is really different!  He simply says things others don’t have the courage to say.

So, here goes on what I know about this last week.  Finally, the dark side of Bill O’Rielly has taken him down. He is such a nasty person and now we find that he is also a sexual predator nasty person.  Of course he will get his $25 million golden parachute, hopefully he will use it to buy some small island and we will never see him again.  Hopefully…

I see they are again beating a dead horse with the GOP version of TrumpCare. Even if they can get a few of those holdout radcons to sign on it will never go anywhere in the Senate so let’s not get too worked up about it.

Other than these things it is totally saber rattling inside the beltway as far as I am concerned.  Here we are approaching the 100-day mark of the Trump Administration and virtually nothing has been accomplished. But we all knew that he is pretty much all wind so that is not surprising.  He wants to do taxes next but doesn’t want to show us how he managed to pay zero federal income taxes for the last decade or so.  It is nice to hear even those on the Republican side say that he must show us his taxes before they will support him changing the rules.

Given that so little of anything resembling “meaningful” is happening inside the beltway I don’t know how often I will be making these loony bin reports. We will just play it by ear so to speak. If anyone wants to chime in with their thoughts go at it.. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Inside the Loony Bin Beltway – So. So.

  1. I beg to differ 🙂 . A Supreme Court justice was sworn in (Conservative for conservative). He got an Aide worker freed from Egypt (who was taken prisoner in 2014). He worked with China to corral in North Korea. The Egyptians, Jordanians and Israelis governments are talking again. A large group of Isis heads were killed in Afghanistan.Employment of 20-30 year olds is on the rise. I listen to NPR a lot. When not resisting there are tid bits of news there. Health care? I hope they wait until next year and get a solid plan, at least my brother did not have to pay the penalty for not getting it this year and found a local doctor group that would cover catastrophic emergencies. Tax reform? I could care less how much he paid. I would like my kids to be able to keep more of the money they make.
    I know we disagree on many things, but I am open to hearing how a non politician works. I’ve said all along that The Donald is a Democrat that couldn’t find a place…. It has been interesting to observe so far.
    Garden is in the ground, the sun is shining, it is a good day 🙂 . Hope yours is as well.


    1. We do agree that it is interesting to see how an egomaniac is doing so far. We also agree that our gardens are in the ground and it is a good day.

      On the other stuff. A supreme court justice was confirmed by breaking a 200-year-old rule which will allow politics to dominate judicial selections going forward. I really don’t call that progress. A prisoner freed is something that usually happens many times a year under most presidents. That was probably done by the day-to-day non-political workers. Having people talk, well talk is cheap and what the talk about is critical. More settlements and more hate is nothing but Sabre rattling.

      Tax reform is something that does need to be done but I just don’t trust a person who hides his history with paying taxes to look out for me. I am not one of those who says that the government is taking my money. Without taxes, we would be on our own for fire and police protection. We would be driving on dirt roads and killing each other over the slightest things. Taxes are necessary and I will gladly pay my share without complaint.

      There is one thing he is trying to do in healthcare and that is to take away the subsidies that some who can’t afford to pay the premiums currently get. They will lose their coverage as a result. Obamacare is far from perfect but the current replacement does more damages than any possible good. The world has shown us that single-payer system is the only answer. We just stubbornly refuse to accept that fact.


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