God’s Still On Holiday..

This is insane, and mainly because God patently hasn’t taken care of any of these things. Humans do these things and humans do stuff to mitigate or eradicate them. God’s still on holiday, where he has been for a few thousand years.

Source: Lazy and Incoherent Theology: God Will Take Care of It

I know that many of Mr. Trump’s supporters are evangelical Christians who believe that everything that happens, and especially his election, is God’s will.  When things happen that they don’t like or can’t reconcile with their beliefs then they fall back on  “God works in mysterious ways.” I also know that since the enlightened age there has been no documented evidence that God has intervened in the world in any supernatural way as he supposedly did regularly in the pre-Christian era.

Has God taken a holiday for the last few millennia as the author of the quote above suggests or is it possible most of the miracles and such recorded in ancient text really just myth passed down from one generation to another? I know I will be called a heretic just for thinking about this possibility but that is not the purpose of coming out with this statement. I do believe in a supreme force holding the universe together but I don’t believe it is anything resembling Homo sapiens. It is not a white haired old man in the clouds.  If I had to tag it as anything it would probably be more like the “Force” in Star Wars. It is a presence that started it all and maybe monitors it even now.

Now, getting to the point of this post and that is that we humans need to take responsibility for our actions both personal and corporate. We can’t put it off on God as if we had nothing to do with it. If we cause a problem we need to fix it. Global warming seems to the the biggest topic presently at hand in this category.  It is utter foolishness to sit back and wait for God to fix it for us.

We must be accountable for the problems we bring upon this world. I think that is what God wants us to do…

2 thoughts on “God’s Still On Holiday..

  1. Anybody who thinks that the Holocaust was somehow “Gods will” or God punishing the Jews yet again has a serious religious problem. I agree that God seems to be more disinterested in the world than we think or believe. As a Catholic I think the Church would disagree that there have not been “modern miracles” in the healing attributed to intervention of the Saints but these are certainly not the “big interventions” in the world of the pre-Christian era.
    I know you are also in Indiana but not sure if you are close enough to read the Indy Star but there was an article yesterday about a Christian pastor tweeting that we should “light up” North Korea – such a very “Christian idea” to kill millions of people. And then mentioning Pastor Jefferys, who is Trumps “spiritual advisor” telling him that it’s ok to attack North Korea as “God is on our side”. I mean wtf is wrong with this brand of Christianity who thinks nothing of starting a war or killing millions. Jefferys is the one during the campaign that said he would not want Christ as president as we need a strong leader who will do what needs to be done. As far as I am concerned this group is as far from the teaching of Christ as an atheist (and that is probably slandering an atheist).
    Yeah “God” is being used to excuse a lot of crap going on in the world.


    1. Sorry for the delayed response Bob, it has been a couple of hectic summer days lately.

      I totally agree with most of what you say so fluently. On “modern miracles” everything today would be considered a miracle by the first century Christians. Maybe miracles are just things that happen with no current known cause.

      I think we have an abundance of examples where “christian leaders” have been corrupted by the world today. They have lost almost total sight of what it really means to be a Christian. Will they ever learn their mistakes or will current day religions become quickly irrelevant?


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