“What He Really Meant…”

After more than a year of this stuff I am utterly tired of the statement in the title of this post! I am tired of people around the president trying to calm the effects of the latest bomb Mr. Trump seems to launch almost daily.

2017-08-14_08-41-18.pngYes, I recognize that without the white supremacists vote he would likely not be president. I recognize that it is an important part of his base that he doesn’t want to offend since there is a slight chance that he may need them again. But even with his massive ego he needs to realize that his base made up of a WILDLY hodgepodge groups of voters has no chance of staying intact for another go around.

I’m sure the Evangelicals, who are likely the major source of his base, utterly refuse to believe that they are cohorts with neo-Nazis, the KKK and other white supremacists. Or maybe I just pray that they don’t openly endorse an alliance with other folks who helped put their choice in office.

I see the Sunday talk shows were full of White House folks who were trying to explain what Mr. Trump really meant. That veil is wearing extremely thin especially since he never acknowledges their efforts as being truthful. Why can’t he come out and say that those who live in hatred every minute of their lives are NOT worthy of any endorsement? Why is he so afraid of losing their support?

The only encouraging thing that came out of this behavior is that the senators and congressmen in his own party are  finally growing a backbone and beginning to call him out on all the outrages he spews in 140 characters or less. The only hope for us short of imminent impeachment is that the GOP finally holds him accountable for his words and actions.

“What he really meant” just doesn’t hack it anymore if it ever did…

4 thoughts on ““What He Really Meant…”

  1. He will need these hate group’s vote, as some of his former supporters are dropping off. I also feel underneath it all, he agrees with much of the hate they stand for. As for the evangelists and fundamentalists, they will sell their soul to anyone who is against the LGBT community, anti pro choice and in favor of sharia law, as long a it’s the Christian version, taking over in this country.


    1. Mary, I don’t think he agrees with the haters, for the most part they are not on his radar screen since they are not about him. I don’t know if I will ever not be amazed (in a bad way) by the things he does. But then again I am more amazed by the voters who still think he was a wise choice.

      On the other topic I think you are painting with too broad a brush. Not all Christians by any means are Evangelicals. There are a lot of us still out there that simply think the church has gone astray and fixated on a small group of topics to the detriment of the other 95% of the teachings of Jesus it’s founder.


      1. I am no longer amazed by his supporters and their numbers after Charlottesville. Our country has a disease of hate and intolerance…a “rot” if you will, and it’s going to destroy us.
        I suppose you are may be right about the religion, but it seems anytime you hear about some church view or what some pastor did or said, it’s far out there..to the right. Like the pastor who said God was ok with Trump nuking N Korea and that God was working through Trump! Disgusting comment! So where are the more moderate and sane Christians? Why don’t they speak up or their pastors? Why are all TV preachers of the far right variety? They preach a constant stream of fear, judgement and damnation. I think Jesus would be horrified and so terribly disappointed.


  2. Mary, if you want to get a taste of those of us who call themselves Christians who actually try to follow the words of Jesus try out this blog. https://www.redletterchristians.org/ It might give you some assurance that we are not all like those you cite. Another idea is to search for the word “Gulley” here on RJsCorner and you will find twenty posts about someone who just may change your blanket statements.


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