Owning What You Say..

We all recognize that like most other things the Internet is shades of grey.  There are things on the Internet that are now so essential we wonder how we ever got along in the world without them.  Being just a few clicks away from possible answers to anything we might ask is almost unbelieveable to this guy who spent hours in library card catalogues to research compositions for various college classes.

But then of course there is the downside. Pornography is part of that but I really believe that anonymity is just as damaging in some ways. I know there are rare  times when being anonymous is necessary but for the most part I strong believe we should all “own” what we say. If we have an opinion or thought about something it needs to have our name and reputation attached to it.

This thought came to the forefront during a recent post of a blogger I have been following for a year or so.  He made the comment that his identity on his blog is a pure fabrication as he doesn’t want people to know who he really is.  I guess from his words that the people he generally associates with have a negative view of blogging?

canstockphoto6971843.jpgMy fellow blogger as cited above is not by any means the worst example of Internet anonymity. All you have to do is go to any news source or just about anyplace where someone says anything and view the comments to see anonymity at its worst. People plainly feel they can verbally abuse others anonymously. Some like our current president do it even with their name attached.  They say civility is quickly being lost in our times. Too many people just seem to have no respect for others or any opposing views. To many people have seemingly lost the ability to empathize with others. Maybe that is true to an extent but I really don’t believe it is a long term thing. I believe that the core of citizens, perhaps even the majority, that still cling to treating others as you want them to treat you. We just have to wait for the time when they take our country back.



2 thoughts on “Owning What You Say..

  1. In reading all the blogs I follow and various news stories etc. this morning, I clicked on a story about a young pretty teacher who had sexually abused a 15 year old student. The comments were almost exclusively to the theme of where was this teacher when they were in school..ha ha and one said if this happened more often young boys wouldn’t be confused about their sexually identity.
    Another story was about the Charlottesville events and the meanest, hateful and most uncivil remarks where from those that are pro Trump and racist. And I bet these white nationalists groups all consider themselves “Christian” and saved.
    In both cases they were often anonymous but some were with simply their screen names (nicknames), so it’s still anonymous..
    There is just so much hate anymore. You have more faith than me in that it will get better. I don’t see that happening. It’s gone too far, the worst of society has been unleashed and it’s accepted by our current leaders and God either does not exist or has decided we are a lost cause.


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