Museum of Appalachia


Scan 1Banner ISOA  On my most recent trip InSearchOfAmerica I visited the Museum of Appalachia. I was not expecting too much but was blown away by what I found. It is a museum like no other I have visited. The totally unique thing about this place was that all the building and most of the antiques were identified by the person who owned them and included stories about their lives.  It is almost as if you could picture them living in the buildings and using the instruments and such.


I took literally a hundred photos of the place. Here are a few to entice you to visit. The museum is located in Clinton TN in the northeast corner of the State.




As usual click on any picture to see a larger slideshow view


2 thoughts on “Museum of Appalachia

  • I have often wondered what people that live in Appalachia get up to. I imagine I would love visiting this museum myself, especially getting to view all the hand-made items, and learning about the lives of the people who made them. I already know I love music from this area, and would enjoy seeing some of the bespoke instruments that make this music. I suspect these folks are wonderfully backwards in the most homey of ways. There’s a spot deep in the Southern Indiana woods that may have given me a peek into the lives of people who live life the way they want to with little if any intrusion that isn’t on the same page as they. Fascinating!!!


    • It is a fascinating place. They have a whole building dedicated to the homemade musical instruments from there. Each with the name of the person who made it and a story about them. Fascinating… it was the highlight of my trip…

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