I Don’t Have Many Friends — By Choice..

Maybe I should explain the title some more before I continue with the post.  Yes, because of my Aspie traits and my isolation as a deaf senior citizen I don’t have as many friends as I had when I was in the corporate world. That is a fact that can’t be denied but it is not the point of this post.

The point I am trying to make is that by Facebook standards my friends list is pretty abysmal.  I think at last count I had about 40 “friends”. Some of them I don’t “follow” because they post multiple times daily about the most mundane things in their life and even though I am a 24/7 senior I don’t have, or maybe I won’t take the time to even browse through those posts.  Of those 40 friends I think their average friend count is over 200.

2017-10-12_12-05-50.pngIt is not because I am not able to have more “friends”, Lord knows I get multiple requests weekly from people I have no idea who they are. Maybe they read a post here at RJsCorner and want me to know what they are doing?  But I suspect most of them found me when I made a comment on Facebook one place or another.  Their purpose for asking me is simply to increase their count so as to impress their friends.

I’m probably going to come off as an old fogie here but I think social media is a fad not worth following, at least to the degree that many do. We all say our days are so hectic that we have no time for family things. But then the stats show that people spend multiple hours daily interacting with social media.  Maybe it’s time for many to go cold turkey from social media for a few days to spend time on other things? Maybe its absence would show them that it doesn’t add much value to their lives?

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Have Many Friends — By Choice..

  1. Hi RJ,
    I can go you one better: I have *0* Friends on Facebook. I signed up to follow Friends Journal, Bloom County, the Contemplative Monk, etc. without the half screen pop-up that ordered me to sign in. I realize that not being Friends with family and real life friends limits my access to their sites if they have the privacy settings restricted and I absolutely can live with that!

    I enjoy your blog posts a LOT but have never commented, so this does double duty. As a Convinced Quaker in Iowa I have a great affinity for your approach to religion, and although I no longer attend a Meeting here, I am a hybrid member of a UCC Church whose testimony is “that God is still speaking”. I think you might want to check out the Contemplative Monk on Facebook/blog/twitter. I greatly enjoy his daily FB postings of quotes and a beautiful photograph.

    Thanks for all your hard work and insights,
    Jeannine in Iowa


    1. Thank you Jeanine for the compliments. After my 6 years study of the different versions of Christianity. I chose Quakers as those I was most aligned with. Yes, God is indeed still speaking and he has lots to say. I will look into the Contemplative Monk, thanks for the reference.

      Come back often with your thoughts on what I post. It is nice to hear that my work here is appreciated…


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