Henry Clay Historic Site… Sigh…

Banner ISOA  I have always admired Henry Clay for being a statesmen during some tumultuous times in America and was looking forward to visiting his home during my last micro-RV trip through Kentucky and Tennessee. I don’t like giving negative reports here on RJsCorner especially when it come to important historical site but this one deserves it.

I got there at 1:05pm to tour the home and small grounds and was told I would have to wait an hour as they only gave 15 minute guided tours on the hour.,  I explained that I was deaf and wouldn’t get anything from the tour guide’s talk so could I just walk through the home and take a few pictures for my blog. The response startled me.

They said that was not possible as you have to have a guide with you at all times and they don’t allow pictures anywhere except on the 1 acre grounds.  I guess they just don’t trust anyone and don’t want any pictures. I told them they were missing out on quite a bit of advertisement by their policies but that didn’t seem to matter to them.

So, here are a couple of “allowed” pictures.  If you happen to be in the area at a few minutes before the hour and don’t mind being unable to record your visit….


Henry Clay Site-3.jpgHenry Clay Site-4.jpg

One comment

  1. That is too bad – especially about the photos. We visited the Lanier Mansion in Madison IN in August and it was better. They only do the ~45 min tour on the hour but they did allow photos. You really can’t leave a site like these open for people to just wander around – way too much opportunity for theft and possible vandalism. Sad to say. However with a 15 minute tour I would expect that if there were people waiting I can’t see where doing a tour on the 1/2 hour should not be considered. I often wonder about people who man these sites (especially the volunteer types) who are more interested in making their job easier for them vs serving visitors.
    Have you ever done the old Hamilton County jail tour in Noblesville? They do let you wander around. The jail was actually in use until 1977 and the sheriff actually lived in the jail. I think it’s only open weekends and a few special days at other times of the year. Can’t find hours information on line.


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